1.  There are a lot more women “suffering from” obesity, which is prevalent in practically every demographic group, than anorexia, a scourge of school-aged upper-middle-class white girls, the kind of tortured souls you pick up at a party by slipping in a line like, “Are you a writer? There’s something of the old soul in your eyes” and who spend their formative years telling boys pretending to listen, “I think I might be a … Wiccan” or “… lesbian” or — something really ghastly — “… vegetarian.”

    Just read this off the NY Post…do these people know ANYTHING about eating disorders or are they just straight up dumb? Let’s stop perpetrating the image of anorexia as something to be ashamed of, an attention whore disease, and realize that it is the SINGLE (with other EDs) largest killer in terms of mental illness in the US. Yeah, that’s something to laugh at. Fuck you NY Post. Of course obesity is a problem, but that doesn’t mean you get to demean the other end of the spectrum. Beyond which, the article suggests that we should shame obese people into losing weight. Dumbest thing I’ve read in ages.


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